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Create and audition designs, PhotoStitch and quilt blocks automatically for your personalized project.

All packages include these 6D™ Common Features


6D™ Embroidery Extra module includes:

  • The ribbon bar makes 6D™ Embroidery so easy to use — all related features are grouped together intuitively
  • Create beautiful designs from your favorite pictures automatically with the ExpressDesign Wizards.
  • Create a filled or outline quilt block automatically with the QuiltBlock Wizard. Choose from 9 quilt block shapes; surround an embroidery  with a quilting fill or select one of 75 internal shapes. Echo fill feature automatically generates a shadow effect with perfect, adjustable lines
  • Create unique embroidery portraits with the PhotoStitch Wizard - select from 6 monochrome linear or artistic effects*
  • Personalize your projects with unlimited lettering choices including puffy foam. Select from 145+ embroidery fonts or use TrueType® and OpenType® fonts. Resize letters individually, and adjust spacing between letters, or create elegant monograms
  • Adjust colors and resize or rotate, even edit stitches. Automatically repeat or reflect your designs along 8 straight or wavy lines, around 28 different shapes or to border your hoop with the Encore feature.
  • Visualize your personalized project on a real-life background including appliqués before splitting it automatically for your preferred hoop.